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Current SoulQuestions

What happeens after death
Green, 20879
Why did Hashem create this process in the first place? Why would He need a dwelling place at all?
John, 10312
Can my beloved ones that have crossed the line feel my fears , sorrows, sadness and my prayers
roza, athens greece
Are my parents a"h able to see me? Father died 20 years ago z"l mother z"l died almost one and half years ago. Do they or can they hear me when I talk to them from my home?
Tsippora, Greatneck
When I pray at my Wife's grave, does my Wife hear my prayers?
Dan Karpman, Longmeadow, MA
my brother-in-law recently died suddenly. will my sister "see" him after she has passed?
shulim, vermont
Please explain about the resurrection of the dead. will it be physical or spiritual? will the soul return to its body and live in it eternally?
Faranak, New York
Are my loved ones able to "see" me or follow my life?
Ruth Seldin, White Plains, NY
If you serve people in the current life, will that help you in the next
Lynda, CT
I've feel the love of my life, gone 6 months, when the wind blows; yesterday a black bird flew across a cloudy sky and a leaf fell from the sky. I felt him sending me a message of love. Was this really him or was it a coincidence?
E Sue, New York
How can we know there is an afterlife for the soul? No one living has been there. I would like to know that my husband is happy and is with my departed family and his parents and sister.
Helene Volkman, Westlake Village, CA
what will happen in near future of my life?
sh, 90049
G-d, Hashem, in Torah says he wants us to return to him; is this return, a return to the eternal Light in which our soul merges with Him still incarnated in our physical body, and will Soul Quest help me in this return?
Victor Kairé, Guatemala
Is there an afterlife? I miss my husband a lot. Is he happy? Does he see G'd?, my parents and in laws?
Will I be able to reach my departed loved ones when I die?
Ed Zeitz, Arizona
I was reared a christian, but I have always been uneasy with it from a very young age. I have always been drawn to the TaNaKH. Always wanting to know the soul of Torah. Can a non-jew have a Jewish soul?
Baruch Ben-Melech, Memphis, TN
How do I change heavy karma???
sandee, New York
Can a soul of a loved one come in a dream to give us an important message?
Vic, Az
AFter death, is the soul reborn in another body? If so, how long does this take? Does the time of rebirth depend on the way in which on dies? For example, I have heard that people who die a violent death or a sudden death return to this world more quickly than one who dies a natural death. Please enlighten me!
Barbara Ann Keller, New Jersey
is there a heaven? is there a life after death? do we have an everlasting soul? and does that soul know what is happening around us?
Leslie, New Hyde Park
Why so much pain?
Sid, San Rafael
My son past away at a very early age and I am still in such pain. I miss him so much. Is he with me and what does he want to tell me?
sandra starr, anaheim, ca
Why am I here on this earth at this time? I have been told I am a healer. What can I do to impact healing upon more people and the world as well?
Suzi, Smithtown, NY
Where is the third heaven of Paradise ?
C A Knapp, San Antonio, TX
Is there such thing as a soulmate?
M., Tampa Bay, FL
soul? i haven't thought about my soul in there a class in queens?? and what is the cost?
Manny, Queens, NY
Is a soul everlasting?
Joseph, Upper West Side, NYC